Pretty Protein Pancakes

Breakfast is my favorite meal.

Let's face it, who doesn't want to get up & eat first thing in the morning?

I love pancakes but I don't always eat it in the morning. Mostly because it's never available in the house. I am slowly trying to cut out processed foods, not knowing what's really in my food brings a chill down my spine.

So I began experimenting in my kitchy kitchen to make the perfect pancakes. Lets just say that after a few trial and errors, I've finally found the one!

I really like how you can make practically any kind of pancake you want. All you need is a basic pancake batter recipe & then get creative!

From this batch I made 4 different kinds of pancakes.
1) Walnut
2) Chocolate Chip
3) Coconut
4) Vanilla

This is probably the start or my pancakae obsession. I can't help it!

The name of the recipe is "Pretty Protein Pancakes" and the secret to getting pretty pancakes is by following these 5 tips:

  1. Use a non-stick pan with cooking oil
  2. For any shape, use a pancake pen like this OR a pancake mold like this
  3. Slightly shake the pan back and forth to spread the batter so that you get a nice, round & not so thick pancake
  4. Re-oil the pan when you can no longer see the oil on the pan BUT make sure you spread the oil this time so that the cooked brown oil does not cause your pancakes to get brown/burnt
  5. Don't leave your stove at the highest temperture. I found that cooking my first pancake at the highest temp was perfect but after that, not so much. I turned down my temp to 5 (half on my dial) and took the pan off the stove while I poured the batter. Placed it back onto the stove & would turn up the temp if it needed to cook faster.

Pretty Protein Pancakes


♥ 2 Cups Egg Whites (I used the one in the carton)
♥ 2 Cups Quick Oats (you can use gluten free here)
♥ 2 Ripe Bananas
♥ 1 Cup Low Fat Cottage Cheese
♥ 2 tsp. Cinnamon
♥ 2 tsp. Vanilla Extract
♥ 2 tsp. Liquid Stevia or Honey


♥ Blend all the pancake ingredients together in a blender
♥ Spray a small non-stick pan/skillet with cooking spray
♥ Pour desired amount of pancake batter (mine was about 1/4 cup) into the pan
♥ Cook until the edges are dry and bubbles on the top have formed. You can tell if it is ready to flip by slightly lifting the edges on the pancake with your spatula. If it is dry all around, it is ready to be flipped. If it is still wet, let it cook a little bit longer
♥ Flip the pancake over & cook for another couple of minutes
♥ Finish cooking the rest of the batter
♥ Top with honey, yogurt, fruit, or whatever your little heart desires!

Enjoy, my hungry little hearts!

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