Sunkissed Abs

As you can see, my abs are not all there but they are forming.

I strength train almost everyday for 1-2 hours after my 2-4 mile runs. There are days I don't workout at all so I use that as my rest day.

A lot...and I mean A LOT of women get a misconception of gaining abs. They think they can eat a bunch of junk food, sit around and do nothing. When really, they should really be eating clean and training dirty. They also think they don't have to run but can do 1,000 crunches everyday and get abs.

Let's get one thing straight, abs are the muscle that lie underneath your stomach fat. So the more fat you have, the less your abs will show. If you're not running AND strength training, chances are, your abs will not show. Think about it, have you ever seen a woman who has rock solid, nice & toned abs...with extra fat? Not likely.

I still have fat to lose and I am not afraid to admit that. It actually makes me work harder to shed off the extra fat that I still have and tone up every inch of my body.

Don't be ashamed of your body. Love your body & it will love you back. Care for your health and it will care back.

Lets get rollin with these sunkissed abs shall we??
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Sunkissed Abs!

50 Hand-to-Toe Criss Cross
Laying on your back, leave your right leg bent and left leg stretched out straight. Leave left hand holding head & right hand above your head. As you crunch and bring your leg straight up, bring your right hand straight up towards your leg too. Your leg and hand should meet in the middle of your crunch. Do 50 reps on one leg then switch legs.

25 Mountain Climbers
In plank position, tuck your right leg into your chest while contracting your abs (suck it in!). Release leg back into starting position & repeat with the left leg, that is one rep. Do 25 reps on each leg.

25 Criss Cross Climbers
Like the original mountain climbers, instead of tucking your knees into your chest, this time you will cross your right knee to your left elbow and vise versa. (Criss Cross) Release leg back into starting position & repeat with the left leg, that is one rep. Do 25 reps on each leg.

50 Stability Ball Crunches
With your back laying on a stability ball, do one basic crunch while contracting your abs. Do 50 crunches.

25 Reverse Crunches
Lie on your back and bring your knees up into a 90 degree angle (crunch position) With a slight tilt up and hands behind your head for support, bring your knees towards your head and into crunch position. Do 25 crunches.

25 Russian Twists (Works well with 5 lb. dumbbells or 5 lb. medicine ball)
Sit on the floor with your feet planted on the ground and knees pointing up. Slightly lean your body back into a comfortable and bearable position. (When you get used to this workout, the more you lean back, the harder your abdomens will work.) With your hands, dumbbells or medicine ball, hold your arms straight out in front of you. Begin twisting your body to the right while keeping your feet planted on the ground. Next, twist your body to the left & alternate sides. One right twist & one left twist is one rep. Do 25 reps on each side.

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