Bringing Sexy Back Workout!

I am not perfect. Even though I workout and work really hard at staying healthy, I still have certain areas about my body that I don't like. One of them is my back. 

I've never really even paid attention to it until I did start working out. I've been doing these workouts lately to have a more toned back. A lot of people seem to forget & neglect their back because who really thinks about that? Most of the time us ladies are more concerned about our abs!

Bringing Sexy Back Workout!

50 Dead Lift Upright Rows
Starting in standing position with feet hips width apart and slightly bending your knees, weights in front of your thighs. Bend at your hips to lower your torso until it’s almost parallel to the floor, keeping the weights close to your body but close to the ground. Return to standing while pushing up through your heels and squeezing your butt. Once in standing position, lift elbows to side so that weights are lifted towards your armpits. That's one rep.

25 Renegade Row
Get into a pushup position with your hands resting on dumbbells and your feet slightly more than hip-width apart. Brace your abs as you pull one dumbbell toward the side of your rib cage (b). Pause, lower the weight, then repeat with the other arm. That's one rep. 

25 Lat Pulldown
Sit at a lat-pulldown station and grab the bar with a shoulder-width overhand grip, arms straight and torso upright. Without moving your torso, pull the bar down to your chest as you squeeze your shoulder blades together. Pause, then slowly return to start. That's one rep.

Maybe with these workouts, I can finally wear shirts & dresses with pretty detailed backs!

Love, Angel xo

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