The Insanity Workout + Snack Recipe

As I am writing this, I just got back from my usual run at the park. It felt wonderful. The Texas weather is so beautiful lately that I have been wanting to workout outside instead of at home on the treadmill.

That might change when the hot summer heat comes.

I've been gone for a while. A very long while. In that time, I still worked out. Blah blah blah who cares right?

I picked up the insanity from my sister who never used it. She said the "Fit Test" was killer. I didn't really believe her. I began the insanity and holy smokes, she was right. 

Imagine someone just walking up to you and then pushing you off a cliff, getting bruised and cut up hardcore then trying to make your way back to the top!! Okay first of all, you need new friends if they do that to you. Second, I can honestly say that I had never hated working out as much as I did that night.

However, I stuck to it. I'm not done with the 60 day session yet. I took a front view and side view of my body before the insanity so that I can show yall the end results. I am not sure if I should post pictures yet.

The day after my first Fit Test, I was so sore I wanted to roll everywhere.

Roll to school.
Roll downstairs.
Roll to my car.

So I did.
Just kidding.

I sucked it up like a big girl and came home the next night to do the next video.
For those of you who don't know how the Insanity works, there is a calendar you follow and everyday there is a specific DVD you have to pop in and follow Shaun T. (The big muscular man who created the Insanity...Oh it's insane alright!!)

I noticed that after the first few videos, I wasn't sore anymore and I was able to get through the workouts easier because my muscles were getting....stronger. Insane. I used to be one of those people who didn't really think DVD's like these could help out but they DO!! I can already see my stomach forming abs and my arms getting more toned along with my entire body. It is really worth it!! And no I am not getting paid to say this. I am not popular enough yet. Lol!

I'm proud of myself though and I have already told myself (and unfortunately everyone else. Now I HAVE to follow through with it) that when I am done with the Insanity, I'm going to tackle the P90X. 

I mean...why not? 
Okay just kidding, I can give a million reasons why NOT to do the P90X but you know what? I can also give you a million reasons why I SHOULD do it.

During the Insanity, I would take pictures of the things I ate. I try to do that on a daily basis though so I can feed all you little hungry hearts the things I am eating/drinking/snacking on. 

Click "Read more" below to see a recipe for a super easy snack :)!! Stay tuned because I have SO MUCH MORE to share with yall.

EASIEST snack ever!

Apple Sliders
  • One Apple (I used Fuji Apples)
  • 2 tbsp peanut butter or almond butter (Watch out for the calories if you're watching)
  • OPTIONAL TOPPING: raisins, oatmeal, flax seed, fresh fruit
  1. Wash and core your apple. (Click here to see what an apple core tool looks like) If you don't have an apple core tool, scroll down below to read how I did mine.
  2. Slice your apples in half the round way...like pictured above.
  3. Spread your peanut or almond butter on your apple sliders and enjoy!! Add your optional toppings as you wish but make sure they are smart & healthy toppings! Like listed above.
Additionally, you can even put one slider on top of another and make them into apple sandwiches!! How cute & healthy!!

How to core an apple without a corer:
  1. Take a small but sharp knife and pierce into the middle of your apple.
  2. Next, slowly and safely start to cut into the middle of the apple by creating a circle in the middle. (About the size of a quarter)
  3. Carefully, cut through and make sure to cut through to the bottom or else your core will not come out.
  4. TA-DA!!
Enjoy, my little hungry hearts!!

Love, Angel xo

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