Berry Sweet Jello Cup + Social Networking

First off, let's talk Social Networking.

Most of those who read my blog are either from Pinterest or are my personal Facebook friends. 

What's my mission?

  • Interact with all of my readers
  • Inspire & Motivate those who need it most (I know I needed it  most when I first began and didn't know where to look AT ALL!
  • Provide my secrets on losing weight the healthy way

I have so many exciting things coming up so I am hoping that Facebook and Pinterest will expand my blog a bit and start gaining more people who are looking for some help with losing weight!

All of you are truly who inspire me to keep moving and doing what I do. I work hard to stay healthy so that I can be a role model for yall. Please don't ever stop reading or interacting with me! :) Please?

For those of you who have been reading my blog- whether it is one person or merely 100 people. Thank you, from the bottom of my healthy heart.

Finally...lets move on shall we?

I love fruit; fresh fruit. There's something...fresh about fresh fruit. DUH. Maybe because there's no artificial flavors or corn syrup in it. None of that nasty stuff that kids (Adults too!) tend to love.

I'm a texture kind of girl.

Uh what?

First things first, presentation is (to me) the most important factor when it comes to food/dessert/drinks. If it looks pretty/edible/not weird, sure I'll try it.

Second, texture is what really gets me. My dad's actually the same way, which is where I believe I got it from because my mom just thinks we are flat out weird.

Smoothies? Super icy & chunky please!
Ice Cream? Not too sweet with bits of "ice" please!

I suppose I could tell you how I like my jello since this is a jello recipe...Nice and firm please! And please...don't make me Jello that is full of juice overload.

Okay...I must admit that although I do love my sweets/desserts to be sweet, I prefer things that are rather "bland & plain" as some of my friends put it. I'm not much of a lots o' sugar kind of girl. I like...more subtle sweets over...syrup/fruit juice sweets.

Anyways, I like my jello to be very very firm. Much different from American jello. Asian stores have a lot of desserts that use Agar Agar powder. Google it, you'll get all these valuable info on it...or you can just take my word for it. I love the texture that Agar powder gives, it's a bit "tougher" and "harder" but not hard...still edible! That makes no sense but...take my word for it.

Agar powder is also popular because of their quick process of becoming "Jello". It sets up much faster than regular Jello. So when working with this, you'll have to be just a tad bit more quick than when working with regular Jello.

Click  "Read more" for the recipe!

Berry Sweet Jello Cup
  • One pkg. of Agar Agar powder (can be found in Asian grocery stores, not sure about American)
  • Fresh Raspberries, Blueberries, Cranberries (you could use your own favorite fresh fruit!)
  • 1/2 - 3/4 cup of Sugar (some use 1 cup, depends on how sweet you'd like it)
  • Desired dessert glassware
  1. Wash all of your fresh fruit, dry them and place them in your desired glassware.
  2. Prepare agar agar powder as listed on the box. After you prepare the agar agar powder, pour the sugar in the hot liquid and stir to dissolve.
  3. After letting your agar agar cool down just a tad bit, (so it doesn't tear apart the fruit) pour the liquid into the glassware/ Refrigerate your jello for the amount of time listed on the box. (Usually 1-2 hours for me)
Additionally, you could make this recipe with regular flavored Jello! Just follow the box instructions and prepare the fruit the same way!

I didn't really like the fresh cranberries in this dessert because of their tartness. Although if you added the full cup of sugar, maybe the sugar would have helped cut back its tartness? Maybe next time I will opt out or replace it with another fruit.

Enjoy, my little hungry hearts!

Love, Angel xo

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