Knock Knock NOGGIN on Santa's door

Was that cheesy?

I have a confession, I don't eat eggs. BUT I consume them when I eat baked goods and when christmas time rolls around with the fabulous staple, egg nog. That's just really weird to some people but I like to pretend there really isn't any egg in those two.

I swear I'm sane.

I go to Walmart & Target all the time, it's kind of ridiculous and during Christmas season, all I see are eggnog cartons all over the store like their going out of style and you need to get them right away. But did you know that there's a whopping 340 calories per cup? Or even more!?

My waist will thank me later.

So what the heck am I supposed to do without my eggnog? I suppose I could put my big girl panties on and deal with it.


Silk is genius and has a seasonal line of seasonal flavors! Nog happens to be on that list! Not named "Egg" nog because of their reputation but their "Nog" tastes just like the real thing!

And the best part?!

There's only 90 calories and 2 grams of fat per serving!!!
So drink up ladies & gents!
Just don't over indulge ;)

I was skeptical to try it at first since it's not the real thing but what the heck, I've been doing this whole substitute your foods ordeal that I gave this a go and turns out, I love it! And you will too!! That's if your an Eggnog lover! ;) If not, pretend I'm talking about something you do like.

You can find this at any retailer that sells…milk.

Walmart & Target (of course) are my number one places to go. So wherever you shop for your grocery, they should have it there too, if not, you need to find a new place to shop!

Okay, kidding!

Happy Holidays everyone! 

Love, Angel xo

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