Chocolate Nutella Sandwich

Did you hear about that woman who tried to sue Nutella because she was mislead by the company that Nutella was healthy??

Okay crazy lady! Who said an excessive amount of chocolate and hazelnut was healthy for you?? I'm sure that's why these companies put nutrition labels on their items...

I'd like to karate chop her. ;)


Chocolate Sprinkles + Nutella = BEST DESSERT/SNACK SANDWHICH EVER!!!

That's right, I said THE BEST.

I know right now, at this very moment, someone is eating a spoon full of Nutella. Even worse? That person probably just double dipped. I wont tell. Nutella seems to be the craze these days. Nutella for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? I know some of you are guilty of that...I hate to say it but...you should stop that habit. Having it every once in a while is pretty darn awesome though!

So this isn't much of a recipe, it's more like a recipe that took steroids and enhanced itself.

With each bite, this sandwich has a touch of softness, creamy chocolate hazelnut cream, and a soft & delicate crunch.

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Chocolate Nutella Sandwich
  • 2 slices Whole grain/wheat bread (I would have used grain but all I had was whole wheat)
  • 1-2 Tbsp. Chocolate Sprinkles
  • One Heart Cookie Cutter
  • 2-4 Tbsp. Nutella (just depends on how much you want...but don't overload!)
  1. Take one piece of your bread and place your heart cookie cutter in the middle and press down.
  2. Take your bread and spread the Nutella cream on both pieces of your bread. Be careful not to rip the one with the heart as the hole of the heart will make the bread easier to rip. Sandwich your two pieces together.
  3. Now, take your chocolate sprinkles and cover the hollow part of your heart. 
Optionally, you could spread sprinkles on the inside of your sandwich as well if you're a sprinkle lover. Like me.

See? So easy a caveman could do it...Just kidding...they obviously weren't lucky enough to have awesome Nutella existing during their time.

Enjoy, my little hungry hearts!

Love, Angel xo

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