Shape Up in 2012! New Years Challenge!!

Make 2012 your best year ever with me, ladies!! And the occasional gents' ;)
My hope is to provide yall with motivation, challenges, workouts, knowledge with healthy choices, winning prizes and so much more!!!

My 2011 New Years Resolution was to lose weight. NO goal weight, just lose it. NO diets or calorie counting, just fitness and healthy eating. I'm proud to say I conquered that!

My 2012 New Years Resolution is to stay healthy and tone up my body with more muscles. Work hard for my dreams and of course to grow my blog to inspire & motivate you!!

Making fitness New Years resolutions? YAY!! Remember to get a grip on reality when making them! Don't make crazy ones that will make you give up because you didn't see results! 

Remember that this becomes the start of a lifestyle.

I've seen many of my future Shape Up Girls (more about that later!! So excited!!) posting statuses about working out in this crazy Texas weather and it makes my heart jump with joy!! Something I'm sure my overweight heart couldn't do before ;) I have so many things that are coming in 2012 with my blog for everyone! Who's excited!!?? I know I am!!

Wan't to know your first challenge?! Share your interest to shape up with a friend or family member and commit to the challenge together!! (It's so much easier starting out when you've got a buddy!!)

More of an independent kind of person? Commit to getting into shape with me!! ;)

Good luck ladies!

Love, Angel xo

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