So I bought a camera.

A really nice DSLR camera...like this one.

But how does a broke college student buy a camera?

I'll tell you how...

So if you follow or are friends with me on Facebook, you might remember that one time I pretty much virtually shouted at the top of my lungs out of excitement.


Here, let me refresh your memory.

It must have been late January or early February when I ran across this promotion by Keds. They were giving 50 girls each a $1,000 scholarship based upon each individuals brave career dream.

I shrugged off the scholarship for at least a week because I thought "I never get scholarship money and I don't really want to write another essay."

But then I got to thinking, I have absolutely nothing to lose.

I've been working my tail off to grow my blog as well as networking with as many people as I can. I knew that even if I didn't get the scholarship I would still have my blog, I would still have my fitness success, and I knew that I would still be surrounded by a wonderful group of supporters.

Keds asked roughly about three pages of questions and the most important one was "what is your brave career dream?" and "how would you use the $1,000?"

My brave career dream: I'm a health and fitness blogger who wants to empower women to live their best life possible through health and fitness. My brave career dream is to build a bigger and better platform for women around the globe to provide nutritional and fitness goals. I want to grow my blog and interact with women who need motivation or don't know where exactly to start. I want to grow as a personal fitness trainer and help women conquer their goals.

$1,000 grant: With the grant, I would be able to stop taking funny pictures with my cell phone and buy a DSLR camera that would provide better quality images. Not only will the camera help me start taking better quality pictures, I would also be able to make workout videos for the women that need it. I would be helping them engage in cardiovascular activities and they wouldn't have to pay a dime. Along with growing my love for food photography and creating workout videos, I will also be able to start writing my very first cookbook for women who need nutritional advice!

When I sent in the application I didn't expect anything from it...then....

I received this email after completely forgetting I ever even sent the application:

You could say I was pretty darn excited. It was like an early birthday present!

I was so excited because since December I was putting in $5 each time I worked out. I usually worked out 5 to 6 times a week so I was saving $25-$30 a week. By the time I received the email I had only saved about $360. I had already planned ahead of time that I would be able to buy the camera in late June but now that I've been blessed with this scholarship, things are moving at a much faster pace...and I'm totally okay with that.

Two days after I received the check in the mail I went to best buy and bought the camera I've been eyeing for a long time. I did a bunch of research and I feel like I made the right decision as a first time DSLR buyer.

I personally feel like I let a lot of my fears hold me back. Even though this is a post about taking chances, remember that I'm not perfect either.

I have fears of speaking to an audience, I have fears of singing in front of people, I have fears of not achieving personal goals; I have a lot of fears.

The next time you don't apply for something because fear is holding you back remember that you have nothing to lose. The worst thing that could happen is that you don't get it! When one door closes, another one opens.

Whether or not you're a religious/spiritual person, I do believe that we have far greater plans than we could ever imagine so long as we are willing to put down the footwork. 

Because after all,


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