I wish I could say that I had perfect feet and any shoe I try on fits like a glove. But no, I have feet that need tender loving care. So, I'm always on the lookout for new shoes on the block but much to my dismay, some shoe brands, although super cute, just fall short of comfort.

Fear no more.

Ahnu Footwear sent me a pair of their colorful sneakers and I was happy to find out that these sneakers have just been named 2014 sneaker of the year!

First things first, I have never found a pair of  sneakers that fit me perfectly and true to size.

Before I even received these beauties in the mail I beat myself up for requesting a size 7 because all sneakers such as running/hiking/cross training etc. that are a size 7 never fit me perfectly. Therefore, I always have to buy at least half to one size bigger than my "normal" shoe size.

So I always feel like bigfoot when I have to wear a size 8 shoe with my petite 5'2' frame.

These beauties are true to size. They're perfectly snug with just enough wiggle room for my toes to do the victory dance after I conquer an adventurous mission.

While these shoes are tailored towards hiking activities they can definitely be worn by the fashion conscious gal who wants to take an adventure by touring her city or even the backwoods of country town.

Ahnu, the company, carries more than hiking shoes though! Along with hiking shoes/boots they carry yoga shoes and sandals that are bound to be just as incredibly comfortable as my newest babies & guaranteed to provide you with the comfort you seek when you set out to conquer goals.

I wanted the pink ones but I'm actually really glad I didn't get the pink ones so that my wardrobe wouldn't look like a big pep to bismol ad.

Want to buy a pair?  (trust me, you'll thank me later) Just click the link and it'll take you to the kind of shoes I have. You can also look around their website to see all the other cool products they offer!

Sugarpine Air Mesh Hiking Shoes


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