Mountain Climber!

I really love this workout. There's so many different ways to do the mountain climber and I'll show yall all the possibilities soon. I do these almost every time I work out. First, lets start out with the original.

I started this about a month ago but only did 10 reps (5 each leg). I am starting to challenge myself to do 30 reps (15 each leg). It's tough but it's a challenge, I'm glad to say that I've been conquering this challenge. It isn't as tough as it used to be but when it becomes too easy, I start doing more reps! Keep that in mind!!

Targets: Abs and quadriceps
  • Start at the top of a pushup
  • (A) Keeping your abs braced, pick up your right foot and slowly bring your knee toward your right shoulder
  • (B) Hold for two seconds, then return to start. Alternate legs until you've done 12 to 14 reps (six or seven per leg)
Harder: Instead of bringing your knees towards your right shoulder and setting on the floor, keep your foot off the floor and slightly out to your left (for left leg, right for right leg) and touch your knee to your elbow.

Easier: Instead of palms on the floor, hold on to dumbbells against the floor as your support. 

Climb that mountain like there's no tomorrow!!

Love, Angel xo

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