A Better Breakfast

First off, I'm really excited to be starting this blog and sharing everything. I realize you could be doing much better things right now, like watching COPS or washing the dishes? I know…hopefully you've come here to do much better things, things that will benefit you, maybe even inspire you. You can read more about me here : About Me

So if you know me, you'll know I wasn't the smallest girl in high school. I struggled with my weight for years before I put the fork down and took matters into my own hand. You'll also know me if you've seen me blowing up my Facebook with status's about my blog and it's officially here. I hope you're enjoying it so far. As it grows, I hope you grow with me, not in jean sizes though!!

I can't stress enough to people about how important breakfast is for you. I used to be one of those losers who thought I was cool for skipping breakfast.


You need to eat breakfast, it supplies your body with food while your body was fasting throughout the night. You'll get your days energy from breakfast plus, you feel full longer and you're less likely to eat your lunch before you're even supposed to!

STOP making excuses about not having time to eat breakfast. Making yourself breakfast should be a daily habit, just like when you wake up, you brush your teeth. Simple as that.

Everyday is a different day so my breakfast just depends on whatever I want to have that morning. Sometimes it's different, sometimes it's the same as the day before. I always make sure I have oatmeal in the house, I love oatmeal, probably a lot more than I should. I eat the plain kind and add my own flavors like a packet of sugar substitute, sugar free maple syrup, fruits, etc. Because the flavored ones are packed with sugar that most people forget to consider! (But if this is all you have on hand, breakfast is better than no breakfast) 

Get smart, get creative!

  • Oats are high-fiber whole grains with a heart healthy reputation
  • Bananas have a high potassium content, peeling one is a speedy solution to that stitch in your side. While a lack of sodium is the main culprit behind muscle cramps, studies show potassium plays a supporting role: You need it to replace sweat losses and help with fluid absorption. Bananas are also packed with energizing carbohydrates.

Both Oats & Bananas make you feel full for a long time. No over eating when eating the two, especially together! Yay! If you want, you can sprinkle some cinnamon spice onto your finished breakfast meal.

Here are two more options for breakfast:

  • A hard-boiled egg, a handful of spinach, and some salsa in a whole-wheat tortilla. (Also good with low-sodium deli turkey, roasted chicken, low-fat Cheddar, or scrambled egg whites.) 
  • A peanut butter and banana sandwich on whole-wheat bread. (Try adding berries or sliced grapes, too!) 

Start eating breakfast and you'll notice the difference.
Good Luck ladies, and the occasional Gents!

Love, Angel xo

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